Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trust vs. Mistrust

I didn't think I'd still be in this stage of Erikson's Psychosocial Theory. Seriously. Just when I thought someone was just there - idle - in my life, that said someone goes off and tells a completely different thing.

"I stopped her."

Such words can cause a small stir to the already shaking walls of trust. I'm not the type to say things out in a blog but I just had to mark this day after being told those said words. I've never touched that someone, did anything to that someone, so why exactly did that someone say that of all things when that someone should've been my senior considering it's that someone's second year of work in the place I am now?

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Reading Development

It's something I found just now. Made it last February of this year I think, or March, for my Developmental Reading class. I also forgot what this is called. I might edit this post if I do find out what it's called.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Discovery Camp

So... This is what I planned to send, is it okay? o.o;

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for giving me a chance to experience firsthand and learn more about Discovery Camp. I have heard a lot about the different experiences of the teachers and teacher aides at DC and it honestly made me want to experience it for myself. The first times of T. Kate, seeing both T. Yen, T. Kate, T. Mae, T. Jane, Miss Narf, and Miss Cherryl in action, observing teachers on how they handle the students and observing students themselves (where I actually applied what I learned in DPE!), smart tips on the how-to’s when it comes to dealing with things (e.g. computers, students, and stress), and the making of teacher made materials was all fascinating! The latter was really fun when I helped make some of their materials.
 It was also enjoyable mingling with the kids. Hearing what they were making in comparison to what I thought they were making was a lot different that I actually had thoughts often running along the lines of: These kids are amazing, creative and smart all in their own ways. I thought this especially when I saw their outputs and the reactions of their parents when their children showed off what they’ve made and done.
 The short and after summer class conversations I’d have with T. Kate, T. Yen, T. Mae, T. Jane, Miss Narf, and Miss Cherryl was something that caught my attention too. Observing the students and discussing and talking about these observations at random times and over lunch are something other schools don’t do. If only the schools are aware of the learning capacity of their students like what Discovery Camp is doing, the educational sector of the Philippines might’ve been different.
 All in all, I definitely enjoyed Discovery Camp and its environment, had fun helping the teachers create their materials, and also enjoyed everyone in Discovery Camp’s company. I look forward to working with everyone on Discovery Camp if you’ll have me. I’d love to learn more about Discovery Camp and hone my creative skills with my hands. I’ve gotten too used to the computer for designing; it’s pleasing to make something out from scratch. Not everything can be made from digital is what I’ve learned as well from Discovery Camp.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Supposed Simulation

So... instead of a simulation, I've been given a challenge to talk about Technology in Enhancing Teaching. It can't be teaching alone so I took the liberty of adding Learning with Teaching. They always have to come hand in hand after all.